Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case - Bluetooth Earphones - for Iphone

  • Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case - Bluetooth Earphones - for Iphone
    *** LIMITED STOCK ***

    Why you should buy it: This modern designed headphone is the most wanted in the world currently. Usually sold in white color, we offer it today in multiple versions.

    Device compatibility: support all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, QQ music, movies, universal all mobile phone, etc.

    Launch date: 2017

    Technology: Bluetooth

    Package: 1 headset (2 piece), USB cable, Charger & instructions.

    Microphone: Yes

    Battery lifetime: 48h days.

    Box: Included.

    Instruction to pairing the Earphones:


    1. Your bluetooth have to be off.
    2. Long press the multi-function buttons of both sides at the same time until the led flashing in red and blue alternately. There would be an authomatic voice “connected”.
    3. Turn on the bluetooth on your device and choose “HBQ-I7TWS” or "TWS-i7" (this depends on each headphone model).
    4. NOTE: There would be only on earbud working when making/answering phone calls, but both sides could control power off/play/pause function individually when connected, the other one would be synchronized. Memory function supports connecting devices automatically if being.


    1. 1. Making Phone Calls:

    Be sure the earphone connected with your mobile phone, and then you can make phone calls. When making calls, there is only one side earphone working, and there's incoming call, it would broadcast calling numbers. You answer the call by slightly press the power button one time and refuse to answer by quick press the power button 2 times. When the earphones are in music mode, you dial your latest number by quick press the power button 2 times (redial the latest number).

    1. 2. Listening to Music:

    Be sure the earphone are connected with your mobile phone, then you can listen to music on your music list. Shortly press the power button to stop the music and replay by press again.

    1. 3. Power Off:

    Long press the power button until led in red when not use, the bluetooth device enter off mode. It would be power off automatically when the earphone away form your bluetooth device over 5 minutes. No need to worry power exhausted.

    1. 4. Charging:

    There is reminding sound when battery is low, and the led would flash in red at the same time. When taking charge, the led would be in red, and turns in blue when fully charged.

    Note: the earphone would be forced to shut down when charging even if they are power ON before charging.

    1. 5. Switch Language Modes:

    The earbuds enter pairing mode when led flash in red and blue alternately, long press the multi-function button to switch mode from Chinese to English (reminding voice “English mode”).

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