Solar Tpms LCD Car Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • Introducing, Car Tire Pressure Monitoring that has 4 pieces internal TPMS used for 12V power cars. It is solar power charging with LCD color display and adjustable brightness. 

    Display pressure and temperature of each tire simultaneously. Has real-time monitoring tire pressure and temperature with high/low pressure, and high-temperature warning. Also, has wireless data transmission and interference sensor!

    Sensor Specifications:

    • Battery life: 5 years
    • Working voltage: 2.1V-3.6V
    • Storage temperature: -45°C-125°C
    • Working temperature: -40°C-120°C
    • Temperature accuracy: ±2°C (25)°C
    • Working pressure: 0-5BAR
    • IP: IP67Transmit power: <10dBm
    • Dimension: ≤70mm*53mm*20mm
    • Transmit frequency: 433.92 MHz
     Item Specifications:
    • Item Length: 12inch
    • Item Height: 6inch
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Model Name: Solar 4 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS
    • External Testing Certification: CE

  • Processing time: 2-4 working days.

    USA ~ 12 to 21 business days (tracking system available)

    Rest of the world ~ 15 to 35 business days (tracking system available in some instances)

    Holiday season ~ 30 - 60 business days - November to December months (tracking system available)

  • For further questions feel free to contact us at