Dredgemaster™ Top of The Line Professional RC Front end Loader



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    "My son LOVES trucks and has been begging for one for some time now and once I saw this and read some of the fantastic reviews, I knew this was the one for him. After just playing around with it for a few days, he is absolutely obsessed. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and look forward to getting the other RC toys that Storehouse offers! 

    - Christine J. Bryant
    Colorado Springs, CO




    Are you a fan of RC toys?

    Have you been searching for a fully functional front end loader that is both super fast and extremely powerful?

    If so, this here is exactly what you need.

    This is the DredgeMaster, an incredible device that is guaranteed to provide you with the most realistic RC front end loader experience that you can possibly find.

    Built out of the always-reliable ABS plastic and an ridiculously thick rubber, you can be sure that the DredgeMaster will be lasting you a lifetime.

    And not only is it incredibly durable and long lasting, but it's also packed with an outstanding amount of force, allowing you to effortlessly glide over any and all obstacles.

    Whether you take this bad boy onto the sand, the grass, the snow, or even that tough and rugged gravel, you'll be amazed by just how easily you can climb and conquer almost all terrain.

    Thanks to its thick and nicely threaded rubber tires, the DredgeMaster handily crushes anything that get in its way.

    With the wireless and easy to use remote control, taking this thing out for a spin is a breeze.

    And since the remote controller is built like the typical PlayStation controller, you can keep it comfortably in your hands with zero irritation.

    The nicely molded handles and smooth edges provide supreme comfort and reduces any possible fatigue so you can play for hours.

    Unlike its competitors, with the DredgeMaster you get nearly 400 feet of wireless range, which is a ridiculous amount space to play around with.

    And with it's fast charging battery system, you can get out on road in no time at all.

    Outstanding quality materials, superb construction, a mighty engine and all of the features of a real front end loader all in one toy...

    What's not to like about this?

    Stop settling for the lesser options and get yourself this premium device now because it is too good to pass up on!



      • A realistic lifelike RC truck with real working headlights, a loud horn, and an easy to operate loader up front that you can use to lift and dump an array of different objects!

      • Masterful craftsmanship and an extraordinary attention to detailmakes this by far one of the prettiest RC trucks on the market today. The ideal collectible, this is not something you want to miss.

      • Its powerful electric circuitry provides you with that extra force you need to push through any and all obstacles and conquer all terrain.

      • Premium quality materials and a marvelous construction ensure you a superior device that is built to last.

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