Aerial Yoga Trapeze Body Hammock Swing

  • Our exclusive Aerial Yoga Trapeze Body Hammock Swing was designed to make it easy and efficient to practice yoga poses and improve the overall flexibility of your body. Designed to provide full flexibility, this yoga trapeze provides instant traction on the spine to help get rid of the tension and improve blood flow.

    Best Yoga Trapeze

    The soft & high-quality fabric on the yoga swing ensures utmost stability and safety at all times. No matter whether you're a full beginner or a full-blown expert yoga practitioner, our yoga hammock will help you get the relaxation you deserve while having fun.

    Best part of all, setting up the aerial hammock is extremely easy! It can be fully attached to a wall beam, a tree, or any external mount bar. Hold those tough yoga poses for longer periods of time with our yoga body trapeze and pave way to a new body!

    Yoga Swing Hammock


    PROMOTES POSITIVE HEALTH - Inversion therapy is amazing for your back. Achieve instant traction on your spine with this aerial yoga hammock, naturally creating more space between your vertebrae by hanging upside down from your hips.

    PORTABLE - This yoga trapeze can be setup and taken off in a matter of a minutes, making it easy to move from place to place! Attach it to a tree or to a handle bar within your home with ease.

    SAFE - The nylon fabric this yoga swing was designed with is anti-slip, making it easy to grasp onto for longer periods of time. Plus, it's extremely comfortable and makes doing those yoga poses a breeze.


    1*Yoga Main Hammock

    2*Assistant Hammock with Handle


    24*Telescopic buckle 

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