Premium Glass Bottle Cutter Kit

  • Our Premium Glass Bottle Cutter Kit is the ultimate cutting kit designed to help create stunning craft works and turn old, boring bottles and jars into pieces of art. In fact, the only limit is your imagination with the bottle cutter.


    This glass bottle cutter is the perfect all-in-one kit because it can cut through wine bottles, glass, drill bits, sandpaper, and more. The wine bottle cutter is extremely easy to use and contains 5 support wheels with a stainless anti-slide base. Due to the strong base, cutting becomes much more streamlined and safer for the user.

    Best part of all, our bottle cutter kit is extremely easy to use and requires no type of special experience. Just take a wine or glass bottle, wrap our bottle cutter around it, twist the bottle until a line appears around the area, and wash the area with warm water until the bottle breaks.

    Premium Glass Bottle Cutter Kit



    EXTREMELY STABLE AND DURABLE - The special anti-slip base on the bottle cutter helps build more friction and makes it much more stable. Made with high-quality metal, lightweight but also handy and sturdy. Easy to keep and clean.

    ADJUSTABLE LENGTH and WIDTH - The adjustable hole design on the wine bottle cutter makes it easy to fit different sized bottles and jars for easy cutting. Suitable with all beer/wine/drinking glass round bottle

    EASY TO USE - Using our bottle cutter is as simple as wrapping it around the bottle and twisting the bottle until a line appears. Once that's done, the bottle will easily break under warm water.


    • Color: Transparent
    • Cutting Length: 20mm-320mm
    • Cutting Diameter: 20mm-230mm
    • Cutter Size: 20cm*15cm*7.3cm
  • Processing time: 2-4 working days.

    USA ~ 12 to 21 business days (tracking system available)

    Rest of the world ~ 15 to 35 business days (tracking system available in some instances)

    Holiday season ~ 30 - 60 business days - November to December months (tracking system available)

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