Portable Mini USB Fridge Cooler for Beverage Can Drink

  • Having a habit of drinking while working? Here’s a Portable Mini USB Fridge Cooler for Beverage Can Drink.

    It cools or heats up your beverage drink cans. All you have to do is to plug the USB cord to any computer operating system, it can be laptops or personal computers.

    No batteries needed. Just Plug the USB cord and its ready to use. You can enjoy your cold beverage while watching movies on your laptop not bothering yourself to get a drink in the main fridge. Busy with school homework, refraining from walking when you can easily drink your cool canned beverage beside you.

  • Processing time: 2-4 working days.

    USA ~ 12 to 21 business days (tracking system available)

    Rest of the world ~ 15 to 35 business days (tracking system available in some instances)

    Holiday season ~ 30 - 60 business days - November to December months (tracking system available)

  • For further questions feel free to contact us at support@nurpe.com