High Flow Oxygen Nasal Cannula 5 PCs

  • High Flow Oxygen Nasal Cannula

    Looking for an ultra soft and comforting cannula to fit your oxygen concentrator? Our exclusive nasal cannula features a clear, curved 5 foot oxygen cannula that fits perfectly around the face and ears.

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    Equipped with a slightly curved design, this high flow nasal cannula enhances the comfort and reliability of the tube to help increase the flow of oxygen. Not only is the oxygen tubing fully adjustable, but it can also be trimmed with scissors to provide an even better fit.

    Best part of all, the fitting of this oxygen nasal cannula contains a "slip on" design and can fit majority of oxygen machines with ease. Connect the nasal cannula to your machine and get continuous, uninterrupted flow of oxygen!

    best high flow nasal cannula


    LONG LASTING - Simply put, our high flow nasal cannula was built to last. It features an unique and anatomically correct design which helps keep the flow of oxygen going. Plus, there are 5 different oxygen tubes provided which can be used for up to 14 days each.

    PERFECT FIT - Our oxygen cannula contains an over-the-ear style head set design, which helps ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Not only does this feel lighter on the face, but it also allows more freedom for movement.

    NOISE ELIMINATING - Regardless of how much force the oxygen tank emits oxygen with, this oxygen nasal cannula is designed to eliminate noise to a bare minimum. Perfect for elders who prefer silence.


    Material: Rubber
    Size: 1.5M / 4.9 feet
    Inner socket diameter about 8 mm
    Color: Light green


    5x Nasal Cannulas

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