Garden Hammock Portable

  • Description:
    Single Hanger Hardwood Hanger Rod - Easy to fix, just use two tie-up ropes to fix the Hanger, and tie the rope to the tree or pole. Easy to carry and pack the same color bag.
    High-strength camping hammock-rope joints are specially braided according to physical rules. Each rope has the same weight and the hammock is strong enough.
    Ultra-lightweight travel hammock wrinkle-proof, comfortable appearance, comfortable feel.
    Multi-functional, durable and compact. It is very suitable for hiking, camping, mountain climbing, boating, tourism, picnic, backyard or garden and courtyard use.
    Durable rope, color stripe pattern and compact handbag.
    Hammocks are gorgeous, relaxed and energetic. They are the perfect combination of beach life.
    Lie in a hammock. It's easy to clean with soap and water.
    The rope is very durable and in most cases has enough length to make the hammock easier to hang.
    Colored pull-rope bags are easy to carry to parks, camping, travel or fairness.
    To relax, hook up and down in your backyard. Relaxing companions in summer and autumn,
    The choice of portability is a huge benefit.
    The wooden hanger rod is bent and large enough to pull you when it is readjusted.
    Get out of the hammock. - When you use a hammock, it can also be used as an access handle.
    Because of the wooden hanger rod, the hammock will surely be more efficient and swing more continuously! 
    Hardwood hangers help prevent rope tangling.

    Material: Canvas
    Hanging Bed Material: Canvas
    The single curved wooden hammock length is 230cm/90.55", cloth length is 190cm/74.8" and width is 80cm/31.5". It is durable and easy to carry. Hanger match with 2 ropes.
    Package included:
    1 X Hammock
    2 X Ropes
    1 X Drawstring Handbag
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