Digital TDS Home Water Tester Meter

  • Our exclusive Digital TDS Home Water Tester Meter was designed with smart technology to provide accurate TDS levels and ensure the water is safe for human use. The high-tech technology within this water testing meter provides a reading within seconds.


    The TDS measuring range on this TDS meter is from 0 - 9990ppm and provides accurate measurements within +- 2%. Plus, the home water tester measures and displays the current temperature of the water.

    Best part of all, using this water quality tester is an extremely easy task. Simply insert the tip into area where you'd like to measure and within seconds, a reading should appear.

    Digital TDS Home Water Tester Meter


    EASY TO USE - Using our premium TDS tester is as simple as inserting the lower portion into the desired surface for a quick reading. Displays the TDS value of the surface as well as the current temperature.

    ENERGY SAVING - After 10 minutes of idleness, the water tester automatically turns off to save energy. Plus, the life span of this TDS meter is extremely long because it works on battery power.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The non-slip design makes the water tester perfect for almost all kinds of surfaces. Easy to insert and read the measurements.


    1x TDS water quality tester meter

  • Processing time: 2-4 working days.

    USA ~ 12 to 21 business days (tracking system available)

    Rest of the world ~ 15 to 35 business days (tracking system available in some instances)

    Holiday season ~ 30 - 60 business days - November to December months (tracking system available)

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