360 Degree Rotating Self Leveling Cross Laser

  • This 360 Degree Rotating Self Leveling Cross Laser is perfect for all handyman looking for light & easy-to-carry leveling tool to use. It can be hung on the wall or mounted on a tripod.

    Its clear light point, 1 perpendicular line, and 1 horizontal line make it great even for outdoor use. The special bright spot is clear within 8 meters. When used indoors, the lines and the bright spot will be super clear and can reach up to 15 meters.

    How to Use:

    1. Set the laser level instrument on the tripod or a stable surface
    2. Adjust the instrument. If the instrument is too tilted or out of range (3 degrees), the laser tube will automatically turn off or sounds an alarm.
    3. Switch knob clockwise to open the instrument and emit the laser beam.
    4. Turn the laser beam towards your target.
    5. Switch the knob counterclockwise to turn off the instrument after use.

      Size: 360 degrees Rotating Red Beam Self Leveling
      Precision: +-3mm/10m
      Wavelength: 510nm

    1. Processing time: 2-4 working days.

      USA ~ 12 to 21 business days (tracking system available)

      Rest of the world ~ 15 to 35 business days (tracking system available in some instances)

      Holiday season ~ 30 - 60 business days - November to December months (tracking system available)

    2. For further questions feel free to contact us at